Peter got into the nonprofit world of serving the marginalized and those living in poverty “by accident.”  From a young age he aspired to be a high school principal, like his role model Uncle John.  Peter received his undergraduate degree in education and entered into his student teaching position with his eye on the prize—he… Continue reading Go!

Life Events, Health, and Poverty: A Guest Blog by Beti Thompson, PhD

Guest blogger Beti Thompson, PhD, is a Member and Associate Program Head and Associate Director of Minority Health and Health Disparities at the Cancer Prevention Program (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center).  To learn more about some of her innovative work please click here.  When I previously interviewed Beti, we began to discuss the plethora of factors… Continue reading Life Events, Health, and Poverty: A Guest Blog by Beti Thompson, PhD


In the nonprofit world there is always a tension in how to best articulate the results, impact, and success that you and/or your organization is having on the world.  Grants and corporate donors usually want cold, hard numbers–quantitative “proof” that you are effecting change in the most efficient way possible.  They want to know that… Continue reading Success


Carlos’ leg taps rapidly on the hard tile floor. He rubs his cold hands back and forth and rolls his neck in an attempt to relieve some of the tension that has been building up over the last few months.  This is the last step in what has been a frustrating, time-consuming, and expensive process.… Continue reading Guilt